We are experts at Asset Tracking Labels, Security Labels and Identification Labels for every type of project, at the guaranteed lowest cost and fastest turnaround

Imagine your most valuable equipment being lost or stolen…

Company laptops, mobile phones, specialized tools

Important equipment goes missing every day, it’s only a matter of time!

We Can Help Get Lost
Items Returned To You

Reduce Losses, Save Money
Protect Your Valuable Property

Our Equipment ID Labels and Return To Me Labels

Prevent Theft and Help You Recover Lost Items


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  • We produce Equipment ID and Nameplate Labels, and Tags, for all types of products. Our standard labels ship out in 3 days or less.

  • Add unique serial numbers and barcodes to any label, which turns them into Asset Tracking Labels that uniquely identify anything they are applied to.
  • Use our security labels to create Security Return Tags, permanently put “Return For A Reward” instructions on all mobile devices and high-value items.

  • Reduce theft with our White and Silver “VOID” Tamper Evident Labels, which leave behind a “fingerprint” if they are tampered with or removed.
  • Or use our Self-Destructing Labels, which are incredibly difficult to remove, and cannot be removed intact or transferred to a different product.

  • Small and Large label sizes, to fit any place you need them, ready for quick delivery. Order as small as 100 Labels for $49.
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Identify, Track, and Control your Valuable Assets!

Reduce Losses, and Have Lost or Stolen Items Returned To You.