We are experts at Asset Tracking Labels, Security Labels and Identification Labels for every type of project, at the guaranteed lowest cost and fastest turnaround

Imagine your most valuable equipment being lost or stolen…

Company laptops, mobile phones, specialized tools

Important equipment goes missing every day, it’s only a matter of time!

We Can Help Get Lost
Items Returned To You

Reduce Losses, Save Money
Protect Your Valuable Property

Our Equipment ID Labels and Return To Me Labels

Prevent Theft and Help You Recover Lost Items


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  • We produce Equipment ID and Nameplate Labels, and Tags, for all types of products. Our standard labels ship out in 3 days or less.

  • Add unique serial numbers and barcodes to any label, which turns them into Asset Tracking Labels that uniquely identify anything they are applied to.
  • Use our security labels to create Security Return Tags, permanently put “Return For A Reward” instructions on all mobile devices and high-value items.

  • Reduce theft with our White and Silver “VOID” Tamper Evident Labels, which leave behind a “fingerprint” if they are tampered with or removed.
  • Or use our Self-Destructing Labels, which are incredibly difficult to remove, and cannot be removed intact or transferred to a different product.

  • Small and Large label sizes, to fit any place you need them, ready for quick delivery. Order as small as 100 Labels for $49.
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Identify, Track, and Control your Valuable Assets!

Reduce Losses, and Have Lost or Stolen Items Returned To You.

ID and Track your High-Value Items

  • Technology Items; Computers, Monitors, Printers
  • Mobile Items; Cell Phones, Tablets, Lap Tops
  • Office Items; File Cabinets, Furniture
  • Work Items; Tools, Instruments, Carrying Cases
  • Create “If Found, Please Return To Me” instruction labels for all mobile equipment.

Label and Identify your Products

  • Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals
  • School Text Books, Library Books, Training Manuals
  • Sports Equipment, Golf Clubs, Bats, Helmets, Autographed Items
  • Product Handling Totes, Bins and Cartons
  • Warehouse Racking and Pallet Locations

Improve Security, Reduce Losses:

Having our ID Labels on your products and equipment makes people aware that you take Asset Tracking seriously. You automatically drive down theft, reduce losses and help keep people honest. Preventing just one theft can save hundreds of dollars!

  • Even if you don’t have an “official” tracking process, by simply having our ID Labels on your equipment you will see an improvement in security.

Create “Return Labels” for all mobile equipment:

Use our Security Labels to permanently put “Please Return For A Reward” instructions on all your mobile equipment, technology items and tools. Both law enforcement and regular citizens can easily contact you when items are found. Just one lost item return will more than pay for putting Security Return Labels on all your equipment!

We are FAST

We are FAST

If you use any of our 6 Standard Materials, printed in any of our 6 Standard Ink Colors – we will ship your order out in 3 days or less.

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Materials and Colors
We are FAST

We are EASY

Complete your entire order through our Automated Order System, or contact us by phone or email and our experts will create your order for you.

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We are FAST


We check our competition regularly, so we already know our prices are the lowest – 10% to 60% less than anyone else. We design your labels, show you a proof, produce and package your order – with no added fees.

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We produce all type of labels, just tell one of our experts what you need. We can also print text and barcodes from your spreadsheet, email it to us for review.
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  • Order as small
    as 100 Labels
    for $45

    No Added Costs
    (except shipping)

    We’ve checked, we are the Lowest Price

  • Unique ID Numbers on
    every Label

    Barcodes can be
    printed on most Labels

  • Print 1-Color
    or 2-Colors
    per Label

    Standard Labels ship out in 3 Days or Less

    Our Experts are waiting for your call or email

  • On average:
    1,000 labels

    for 14₵ per label,
    2-color printing
    for 19₵

  • Save
    when your order increases!

    5,000 labels drops to
    2-color printing
    for 10₵

Customer Testimonials

We labeled all our mobile phones and laptops, and about two months later one of our sales guys lost his laptop. We got a call the next day from a woman who found it in the lobby of a building along his weekly sales route. We picked it up from her and gave her a $50 reward. She felt good about returning it to us, and we saved $800 getting it back!
Tracy McMurray, CEO / Ashberry Water Conditioning
We lease space on our computer equipment to clients, and we also store equipment at third part data centers. We always label our equipment with a Destructible ID Label so we can keep track of each unit. We put our label right on the front panel so it’s visible, and we’ve never had a problem with our equipment going missing or being mistaken for someone else’s. It’s a great way to eliminate potential conflicts with our clients or data centers, because some of our equipment can be in their locations for years.
Ron Zielin, CEO / Offsite Technology Solutions

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